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A Time to Speak

by Steve Keeler

Sisters and Brothers in Christ, To loyal people of the faith: Grace, mercy, and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord. (1 Timothy 1:2) The tragic loss of nine lives at the Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston appears to have motivated many people to do the exact opposite of what Dylann Roof […]

Methuselah and the Kingdom of God

by Heather Prince Doss

I have recently been reading the book The Triumph of Seeds by Thor Hanson and discovered the story of the Judean date-palm tree. The date-palm was among the most beloved and valuable fruits in the ancient Middle East. They are mentioned in the Bible and the Koran and praised for their sweetness in multiple historical […]

A Full Team in Lamego by Karis Koehn

by Heather Prince Doss

Look at this, folks! The whole team is on the ground here in Lamego! Welcome the Bruza family on the far left…. Chad and Joy with Nathan, Cameron, Joshua, and Adelyn. Next is the Lill family…. Aaron and Jennifer with Hannah and Mathew. In the middle our family is almost complete, with Daniel only coming […]

Building People by Andy Steere

by Heather Prince Doss

During the Centennial celebrations this week we’ve had the opportunity to spend time with representatives from the Barnett family, who were among the founding missionary doctors of the Hospital. Dr Arthur Barnett and his wife Peg were married in 1941 and the next day boarded a ship for Theodora Hospital–the original Hospital–located on the grounds of […]