Lamego Team June 2015Look at this, folks! The whole team is on the ground here in Lamego! Welcome the Bruza family on the far left…. Chad and Joy with Nathan, Cameron, Joshua, and Adelyn. Next is the Lill family…. Aaron and Jennifer with Hannah and Mathew. In the middle our family is almost complete, with Daniel only coming home from RVA next month. On the far right you were introduced to the Fuller family last year, but you have not yet met their youngest one… Trey and Ashley with Hannah, Noelle, and Adah. Our team has just multiplied the number of children in AIM Central Mozambique! In two months we will be welcoming another teacher to help with schooling our kids. She hopes to stay with us for a year.

Our days are filled with giving orientation, helping families settle, taking care of logistics, helping through the challenges of becoming members of new communities, language learning, practical helps, and the list goes on. Our days are very full and very fulfilling. It has been a journey for each one of these families to even arrive at this point, and there is much hope for what God has in store. We have not lacked interesting twists and turns in this journey, including the sudden loss of a promised house to rent for the Lill family exactly on the day they boarded a plane to come here. But, trusting in God’s sovereignty gives us such peace, knowing that His plans are best.

Four months have passed since Sergio’s surgery. He and Manoel had done such a good job of caring for the wounds that the doctor allowed them to return to Lamego for the last 2 months. Last week Robert drove Sergio back to Malawi to have the external fixators on his legs removed. After removing the metal frames, the doctors decided to put full plaster casts on Sergio legs to provide extra support as he would then begin weight bearing on his legs. Sergio had been so anxious to be able to finally walk freely, that it was a disappointment, but in a few weeks he will be free. We are grateful for a successful outcome!

Pray for us as we juggle a lot right now, including team life, homeschooling and being mom and dad and continuing to disciple others in our lives. We hardly can plan further than one day in advance, it seems. Each day holds a lot. We are grateful for the Lord’s strength and enabling, and we are leaning heavily on Him for wisdom. Pray also for our kids as they are experiencing a lot of change in their lives as well. We traveled into the city today to work on residency documentation for the Lill family and to continue to ask for electricity to be connected to the Bruza’s home. We left empty handed again. In both offices we were told that our requests have been sent to the director’s desk and to check back again after a few days. Please pray for favor and positive responses and that we would be ready to share as the Lord gives us opportunity.

We appreciate your prayers that we (mom and dad as well as boys) will be wise in the use of our time, being renewed in the Lord each day so that what flows from us is His goodness, love and patience. Thank you,

Robert, Karis, Daniel, Joseph, and Caleb