Check out the latest email from Caroline Davis. She leaves for Uganda on Monday, December 16. Please hold her in your prayers!

Hi friends!

For the past eight weeks. my team has been preparing for the outreach phase of my school in Rosarito, Mexico. We have gone through so many awesome weeks of lecture, and I have learned so much. I have been going to a weekly ministry called “Zone Kids”. We work with children who’s parents are involved in the red light district and live in a really bad area of town. There we play games, do crafts and give a Bible message to the children. The moms have even started coming and have been asking so many questions. Its amazing! God is truly working in that area, and He has been working in my life more than I ever expected. He has been speaking into my life and transforming my heart. I am now in Uganda for six weeks and I seriously cannot wait to see what He has for my team and me. It’s really hard to have firm plans for what we will be doing here, but I know that we will be doing a Vacation Bible School for local children and working on the construction of homes for some families. I know that the Holy Spirit will be with us and working in and through us the entire time that we are here and we will have so many amazing adventures while in Uganda. Please continue to pray for my team and me, our travels, and the people we will be serving and working alongside. Thank you for the support you all have given me! I am missing the Lowcountry more than ever, but I know that God has huge dreams for my next two months.