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A Full Team in Lamego by Karis Koehn

by Heather Prince Doss

Look at this, folks! The whole team is on the ground here in Lamego! Welcome the Bruza family on the far left…. Chad and Joy with Nathan, Cameron, Joshua, and Adelyn. Next is the Lill family…. Aaron and Jennifer with Hannah and Mathew. In the middle our family is almost complete, with Daniel only coming […]

Building People by Andy Steere

by Heather Prince Doss

During the Centennial celebrations this week we’ve had the opportunity to spend time with representatives from the Barnett family, who were among the founding missionary doctors of the Hospital. Dr Arthur Barnett and his wife Peg were married in 1941 and the next day boarded a ship for Theodora Hospital–the original Hospital–located on the grounds of […]

Taylor’s Story (from The Journey)

by Heather Prince Doss

Meet Taylor, A senior at the College of Charleston, Taylor grew up among the mausoleums of Catholicism in Europe. When should moved to the Bible Belt buckle of Greenville, South Carolina, she occasionally visited churches with friends. Still, even a vague feeling of religious faith seemed like a foreign idea to a natural skeptic with […]

Update on Sergio’s Surgery by Karis Koehn

by Shelia Bennett

Robert is back from the trip to Malawi. Last Monday the surgeon explained upon Sergio’s admission that if all went well, he would operate on both legs the following day, and that is what happened. The surgery seems to be the beginning of the whole correction process. The doctor makes daily adjustments to the position […]

Hopes for 2015 by Kristi Rice

by Heather Prince Doss

A new year means new opportunities! We make new year’s resolutions and goals; we look back and look forward. We want to share with you a few of the things to celebrate and a few of the big things we are hoping for in 2015 in our work with the church in Congo. First, if […]

Jessica’s Story (from The Journey)

by Heather Prince Doss

Jessica is a CofC sophomore majoring in Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism. She found the Journey shortly after going from being an atheist to a theist in high school. She now believed in God, but Jesus as God–much less the Trinity–seemed bizarre to her. Christianity just didn’t make much sense. Yet, this October at the beach […]

Thank you from Congo by Kristi Rice

by Heather Prince Doss

Bob and Kristi Rice send these greetings from Congo: Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ! We are grateful for you. Your prayers and financial gifts enable us to stand with our partner ministry in Congo. We have been busy the last few months! Bob travelled to Lubumbashi and Eastern Congo to visit churches and […]

Malawi Update by Karis Koehn

by Heather Prince Doss

Karis Koehn shares an update about their visit to Malawi with Sergio Thank you to many for writing and wanting to hear about our trip up to Malawi. It was a long 12-hour drive, but fun and interesting as much of the way was new to all of us. After being on the road for […]

Travel to Malawi by Karis Koehn

by Heather Prince Doss

Karis Koehn shares news and seeks prayer for an upcoming visit to Malawi: Over the years we’ve introduced you to the Mozambican guys that have grown up in our yard and have become our children in the faith. You may remember seeing pictures of Sergio with his severely bowed legs. As a reintroduction to Sergio, […]

Dinner at The Journey by Colin Kerr

by Heather Prince Doss

Colin Kerr shares this news from The Journey campus ministry in Charleston: Once a month we serve a pasta dinner to students before worship. At first, this might just seem like nothing more than a good strategy to make it easier for students to invite their friends. It is, of course, that. We realize that […]