Pastors’ Corner

Reading a Familiar Story

My daughter loves it when I read to her, which makes me exceedingly happy. Even though she is not even 2 yet, I know the [...]

Reading a Familiar Story2017-10-25T11:39:41+00:00

The Church Reformed…

In just a few weeks, we will celebrate a momentous milestone as we honor our roots by marking the 500th anniversary of the beginning of [...]

The Church Reformed…2017-10-13T20:40:53+00:00

Hurricane Irma UPDATE

September 6, 2017 Sisters and Brothers in Christ. As Hurricane Irma moves closer to Florida, it is projected that the storm will move north through [...]

Hurricane Irma UPDATE2017-09-06T17:18:06+00:00

Hurricane Irma – Initial Advisory

September 5, 2017 Sisters and Brothers in Christ, The office staff is closely monitoring the potential path of Hurricane Irma via the National Weather Service [...]

Hurricane Irma – Initial Advisory2017-09-05T16:33:15+00:00

6th Sunday of Easter

6th Sunday of Easter May 21, 2017 Friends and Neighbors, This coming Sunday marks a very special day in the life of our community of [...]

6th Sunday of Easter2017-05-17T15:05:20+00:00

Happy Eastertide!

It’s still ok to say, “Happy Easter.” Granted, if you said it outside of the church, you might get some strange looks. People might even [...]

Happy Eastertide!2017-04-19T12:08:44+00:00

Prayers in a Time of International Crisis

Prayers in a Time of International Crisis April 10, 2017 From Pastor Steve,   ”O Lord, give justice to the weak and the orphan; maintain [...]

Prayers in a Time of International Crisis2017-04-10T14:38:40+00:00

Ash Wednesday

Next Wednesday, Ash Wednesday, begins the season of Lent. As we prepare to enter that season together, we share with you a reflection about Lent [...]

Ash Wednesday2017-02-27T13:20:19+00:00

Celebrating our Differences

Sometimes we can look around at the people sitting at the table with us, or joining us in the pews, and we can begin to [...]

Celebrating our Differences2017-02-27T12:53:38+00:00