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Psalm 130:5

by Aaron Miller

It’s a dreary morning today. I am praying for those who wait on the Lord and am thankful for the grace of hopefulness. This verse has me thinking that waiting is a gray experience, like a rainy morning – but the Lord provides hope turns the gray into bright blue. I played with that color […]

Psalm 116:17

by Aaron Miller

I don’t often think of the word “sacrifice” with the word “thanksgiving” together. I know I should be thankful and try to be so, but Thanksgiving Day for me is more about indulgence than sacrifice. Given the startling statistics of hunger, I am challenged by this verse. King James Translation.

Psalm 1:1-3

by Aaron Miller

These verses remind me of the South Carolina lowcountry with its mighty live oak trees and its no-see-ums. Everyone who have ever been to an outdoor lowcountry picnic has probably sat in a “chair of pestilence”! Translation (mostly) from William Tyndale, who gave his life to translate, print, and distribute the Bible into English.

Psalm 108:2

by Aaron Miller

After seeing “sketch noting” (Google it!) recently, SIPC’s “storyteller” Aaron Miller was inspired to use his artistic gifts to deepen his interaction with the Scripture. Using the daily lectionary, he has begun illustrating a verse from the Psalms. Aaron says this about his daily drawings: “I’m an “on again, off again” reader of the lectionary, […]