Colin Kerr shares this news from The Journey campus ministry in Charleston:

Once a month we serve a pasta dinner to students before worship. At first, this might just seem like nothing more than a good strategy to make it easier for students to invite their friends. It is, of course, that. We realize that for many of the students we are called to reach, they won’t come initially for spiritual reasons. A free meal is often the reason that some students will hear the Gospel for the first time in college. So it is an outreach strategy, but it’s more than that too.

Practically speaking, dinner nights are our way of negotiating our rent with the management of the bar we use for worship. Good gatherings spaces are surprisingly hard to find on the College of Charleston campus, and nearly impossible to find outside of it. At this juncture in the life of our ministry, we believe it’s important to be accessible to students from other nearby technical colleges and trade schools. This location allows for that.

Theologically speaking, we use dinner nights as an opportunity to celebrate communion with a guest minister. This allows students to connect to the ancient Christian tradition of sharing a full meal in the Lord’s Supper, and to realize that Christ is preparing a banquet feast for his Church.

So if you’re ever in downtown Charleston on a Wednesday evening, look up our calendar and perhaps you’ll catch us on a dinner night. If so, come break bread with us! Everyone is welcome.

for the glory of God,
Colin Kerr