Jonathan and AustinJonathan and his son Austin began visiting Savannah’s Forsyth Park last year to work with a group of volunteers that serves homeless men and women in the Savannah area. Jonathan wanted Austin to have first-hand experience of compassion and mercy serving the people Jesus called “the least of these.” They found People Helping People – a grassroots group taking food and the good news of the gospel to whoever would come. Each Sunday, Jonathan and Austin dart out of worship at SIPC and head to the park with as much as 20 gallons of “Jesus Juice”: pink lemonade mixed with pineapple juice. The juice is loved by the men and women who come to the park. Even more important, though, is the friendship and love that Jonathan and Austin share.

Jonathan would love to tell you more about this ministry and why it matters to him. He would also love to have your support. In addition to food and juice, the group distributes hygiene items to the homeless men and women each week. Jonathan would welcome your donations of soap, shampoo, deodorant, lotion, toothpaste, lip balm, and bug spray. Or consider joining him one Sunday! Want to learn more? Email Jonathan.

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