Each man should give what he has in his heart go give, not reluctantly decided or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.
–2 Corinthians 9:7

Giving to the causes of God’s Kingdom is always a matter of the heart and is in between the believer and God. God desires a right attitude, not for us to feel coerced into giving.

Paul demonstrates two principles of giving in this verse. First, what a person gives should be deliberate, a matter of thought and planning. A gift given on impulse may be regretted at a later time. One might regret that he has committed too much and cannot keep his pledge. On the other hand, had the giver planned properly, he might find he could have given more. Deliberate planning will be helpful in deciding how liberal we should be in our gifts. Secondly, the gift should be given freely, not grudgingly or out of necessity. Any manner of unwillingness spoils the act of giving. We should give cheerfully, being glad we have the ability and an opportunity to give.

We are objects of God’s divine love and his unmerited favor. We will never lose by doing that which pleases God. The love and favor of God is better than anything – even life itself.

Used with permission from Sunshine Community Church, Grand Rapids, MI and The Barnabas Foundation.