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An Idle Tale?


“An Idle Tale?” Luke 24:1-12 “The words about the empty tomb seemed to the apostles an idle tale, and they did not believe them.” (Luke 24:11) There is an Easter hymn included in our Presbyterian hymnbook with the following title, “In the Darkness of the Morning.” The hymn tells the story about Mary Magdalene discovering […]

Do You Believe?

We have a reached a point and time in human history where it is absolutely necessary to consider the place of God and faith in our lives as it leads us to acknowledge the cause of Jesus and follow him even if it invites some measure of suffering and sacrifice.

The Jesus Story


The Jesus Story begins with God and includes you! In this animated bible lesson for kids and families, learn why Jesus went to the cross and what his crucifixion and resurrection did for us. Find out how the Jesus Story is God’s love story and how it is about life everlasting! John 3:16