Sermons by Heather Prince Doss

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Salt and Light

When Jesus addressed his “salt of the earth” and “light of the world” audience, he was not calling them a bunch of do-gooders who ought to be imitated. He was instructing them to preserve their identity and to live out their purpose. When we take time to consider these saying as more than slogans but as God’s word to us, we might hear echoes of those same instructions in our time.

Give Thanks

Saying, “Thank you” is more than good manners. Counting our blessings is more than a self-help strategy. Gratitude is the power of the gospel at work to increase our faith so that we might take our place as the humble recipients of God’s mercy; so that we might recognize that it is God’s power, not our own, that saves us; so that we might stand alongside those who suffer as a sign of Christ’s own presence.

Talking Back

In Christ, you are liberated from “I can’t” with the promise that God will equip you and empower you for the work that is before you. In Christ, you are set free from “you shouldn’t” with the promise that grace not only abounds but it also expands like a mustard seed into a tree or yeast into a loaf of bread. Where grace is at work, the kingdom of God grows strong.

Too Judgmental?

The mark of true Christian community is not that we judge others to condemn them, and not even to rescue them – after all, salvation is Christ’s job, not ours. The mark and meaning of Christian community is that we are journeying together into abundant life.