Sermons by Jack Miller

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Chance or Change


We don’t have to leave things up to chance. We can be agents of change in the world on behalf of the Kingdom of God.

A Community with Spirit


This Sunday is Pentecost, the day we remember how the disciples received the gift of the presence of the Holy Spirit, who entered into their midst with the sound of rushing wind and the appearance of tongues of fire. The power of the Spirit manifested itself in the disciples’ witness, and many were added to their number daily.

Storm Preparedness

When we keep our eyes on Jesus we are in a much better position to see three things. First, we can better see what God is doing in our midst. Second, we can see where justice and righteousness are lacking, and work to restore them. And finally, we can see that there is a point to all of this difficult faith business – a goal, if you will – and we are assured of reaching it if we persevere.