Sermons by Jack Miller

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Make Mine a Double

To those who feel like they are more mature in the faith – the Elijahs among us – live your lives in such a way that you leave this place in a whirlwind, accompanied by the glorious spectacle of fiery horses and chariots. In other words, live a life that will end dramatically, seen off by a parade of people you have faithfully helped to walk in Christ’s footsteps and whose lives you have helped transform. Live in such a way that people watching you will say, “I’ll have what they’re having… only make mine a double!” To the Elishas out there, seek out an Elijah, one who will model a good and faithful life, showing you how to produce the fruit of the Spirit, and guiding you ever closer to the Jesus Way.

Peter, Thomas, and Me

Jesus comes after us, even when we turn away from him. Jesus redeems those whose sin we may think makes them unredeemable. No matter what sins we’ve committed, no matter what sins others have committed, Jesus always comes after us, always seeks us out, is always willing to give us a fresh start.