Mardi Steere, Medical Director of Kijabe Hospital, introduces the hospital newsletter:

I am so pleased to welcome you to the third issue of Kijabe Pulse Newsletter, helping us to communicate and share stories of hope with partners, supporters and advocates like you. Since our inaugural issue in March this quarterly newsletter’s audience and content continue grow and we are excited to see the word of God’s work here continuing to spread around the world.

The last 3 months have seen openings, dedications, project commencements and consolidation – it has been a busy time in the life of the hospital both in terms of critical projects and ongoing health care provision. We successfully commissioned and dedicated the TB/HIV clinics, improving efficiency, infection control and congestion of the hospital. We broke ground on the expansion of the emergency department. And the construction of the new Bethany Kids Children’s Centre continued to take shape.

Since its official opening in February this year, The ENT clinic has opened avenues of previously inaccessible care to many patients under the leadership of our audiologist Dr. Stephanie Cox. With the support of donors Like the Dallas Hearing Foundation, Resound and The Ears to Hear™ program, we are able to now reach one of the world’s largest unreached people groups – the hearing impaired. And now as ENT surgeon Dr.Anup Kurien and speech-language pathologist Grace Ngan join us, we can offer unprecedented wholistic care in this area.

New buildings are wonderful, but but without infrastructure, they are just bricks and mortar. The commissioning of our 600 cubic meter steel water tank is a landmark achievement in the ongoing prioritization of infrastructure upgrades to the hospital, allowing us an uninterrupted 2-3 day water supply even in times of compromised supply. Without the advocacy and support of donors like SIMAid, projects such as this would be impossible. Our next infrastructure challenges: more residential housing and upgrading our medical gas plant (air, oxygen and suction) to meet the projected needs of an ever-growing hospital.

We are also the grateful recipients of medical equipment (including monitors, ventilators and a state of the art OEC 9900 Elite C-arm) from GE Foundation and Assist International, replacing ancient, obsolete equipment. We are truly grateful to God and our incredible partners for this invaluable ongoing support of excellent medical education and capacity building across East Africa.

Many of our long term doctors were on home assignment during these last two months, and without many short term volunteer doctors coming via World Medical Mission, our care would have foundered. We are most grateful for every doctor sacrificing their time and finances to assist us during a time of healthcare strikes, increased need and understaffing.

And in the background, there has been the developing concern for our friends and colleagues in West Africa, living with the threat of Ebola. Kenya has been on a high alert and Kijabe Hospital has been soberly assessing our own readiness for such a disease. As we screen and compassionately assess recent travellers, we have put into place systems to prepare and protect our patients and staff, which in all circumstances treat with love and excellence. We continue to pray for an end to the spread of this disease, as we see stories of sacrifice, selflessness and love – reminding us that the gospel is being demonstrated in mission hospitals like ours all over the world every day. What a privilege to participate, with your advocacy, encouragement and support, in this daily journey of worship in all things.

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