After seeing “sketch noting” (Google it!) recently, SIPC’s “storyteller” Aaron Miller was inspired to use his artistic gifts to deepen his interaction with the Scripture. Using the daily lectionary, he has begun illustrating a verse from the Psalms. Aaron says this about his daily drawings: “I’m an “on again, off again” reader of the lectionary, and so far this has really helped me look forward to reading the lectionary every morning, and also really focus on a verse that connects with me. Because the focus is on the verse, I try not to overthink what I am writing and drawing. No sketching in advance, just pen on paper, figuring it out as I go. I try to keep editing to a minimum, but I know myself well enough that I will allow minimal digital touch up. . . . It has been great fun so far, especially visually connecting the verse to what’s happening today (particularly to me personally). The other benefit for me has been the blessing of starting the day creating something that isn’t for work or for “someone else” – just for me and God.”

We will post some of Aaron’s Scripture SketchNotes here. Perhaps they will help you connect with the Word in new way!