Many of us are enjoying the slower pace that seems to mark the summer months. With schools out of session, Water Fest in full swing, and the lure of a much needed vacation, we can easily tune out the busy tempo of our regular routine. These leisurely days are necessary for all of us. From the opening moments of Scripture, God demonstrates the importance of Sabbath rest – of taking a break. It is so important, that God makes Sabbath a requirement in the Ten Commandments.

As important as this time is, we must also be aware of opportunities that await us in the future. As vital as rest is, we rest so that we can resume our regular schedules and routines with new energy. Rest also helps us cultivate excitement and a sense of wonder; Sabbath helps us clear out clutter so that we can engage with new thoughts and ideas.

With that in mind, I want to invite you to check out the opportunities for study and worship included in the year’s STEPS program. There are several workshops to choose from covering a variety of topics. There are also opportunities to worship and fellowship with other Presbyterians from all over our presbytery. STEPS is a very special event in the life of our presbytery, and we would like as many folks from Sea Island to participate as possible. I encourage you to look carefully at the offerings, and prayerfully consider attending this event. Those who attend from our church will have the opportunity to carpool to Mt. Pleasant.

Members who have attended STEPS over the past few years have come back with new ideas, strategies, and renewed energy. STEPS helps people with their personal spiritual development, and also equips people to do better ministry together. The benefit that comes from investing the time to go to STEPS one Saturday during the year is immeasurable. I hope you will be able to join us, even as you enjoy your summer days.

Pastor Jack

STEPS takes place August 27 at Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church. Click here to register NOW!