Every August, our presbytery provides a wonderful opportunity called STEPS (which stands for Studying, Teaching, Equipping, Praying, and Serving). I had the privilege of attending my first STEPS program last year, and was amazed at the quality of the workshops, the joy of the fellowship, and the power of the worship. Hundreds of Presbyterians from our presbytery joined with others from around the country and the world, to spend a day together worshipping and learning together.

We can easily overlook the importance of this event. While it is true that it is a distance away, I believe it is important for as many people as possible to make the effort to attend STEPS. First, it provides all of us the opportunity to worship and fellowship with fellow Presbyterians from around our region. Considering the fact that we are a connectional church, it is vital that we take advantage of every opportunity to bolster those connections and build relationships with our sisters and brothers from other churches. Secondly, STEPS provides several opportunities for us to learn about new things from a variety of teachers and presenters that aren’t ordinarily assembled under one roof. There are a number of workshops offered this year that can have an impact on our work and ministry here at Sea Island. No single person can attend every workshop, so if we had a number of people attending multiple workshops, STEPS would have a much greater impact on our church. You can represent Sea Island and report back to us what you’ve learned and how you believe God is calling us to put that learning into action.

I believe this vision is in line with the theme of this year’s STEPS program. The planning team was guided by the theme of “Share the Story,” and they designed workshops that help people move from being spectators to being messengers. Your attendance and participation at STEPS will help you bring the message back to our congregation, and share the story in a way that can affect our entire ministry.

STEPS is a vital ministry in the life of our presbytery, and my hope and prayer is that many people from our congregation would feel called to attend. There will be opportunities for carpooling. Come and join in the worship and fellowship. Come and learn at the workshops. Go and share the story of your experience.

Click here for more information about STEPS and to register.