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In this digest you’ll find a handy summary of the reports and pictures we published at from the last 30 days.

Prayer Log

Thank you for praying for us, and/or just being concerned with what is important to us. Here’s a snapshot of a few things we’re grateful for in the previous month, and what we need prayer for in the coming month.

Looking back…

We are grateful:
1. For grace and patience for Mardi as she helps to manage multiple emergent issues at Kijabe Hospital.
2. That work on our new road to Kijabe has recommenced after nearly six months of little progress.
3. For the launch of our fourth spiritual formation group of male physicians and area leaders.
4. For a good month of family connection including a camping trip to Mt Suswa.

Looking ahead…

Please pray for:
1. Mardi and Kijabe Hospital leadership: continued wisdom and love as they continue to work through Hospital issues.
2. Mardi and Liam: For health and safe travels for Mardi and Liam as they return to Australia for… Read on

Volcano (Mt. Suswa) Camping Trip

february steere volcano
We had the weekend off last week and took the opportunity to go camping with some friends…on the edge of a nearby volcano. Aside: Never thought I’d write that sentence in my life.

Kijabe sits on the edge of the Rift Valley, about halfway up the eastern / northern escarpment from the valley floor. Picture a massive geologic gash 6,000 km long, dotted with volcanoes, running from the Middle East (Lebanon) to almost the bottom tip of Africa (Mozambique). Got it? We’re about halfway in the middle on the right hand side. From our back porch we have a nearly 180 degree vista including the Ngong Hills (location of Karen Blixen’s Out of Africa) to the south, and Mt Longonot, a dormant volcano, to the north.

In the middle of this vista, almost directly west, is Mt Suswa: another dormant volcano, but much larger (although slightly lower) than Mt Longonot: nearly… Read On

Itchy Feet and the Virtues of Stability

february steeres itchy feet
We’ve had a difficult last few weeks, for reasons that it wouldn’t be prudent to write about publicly. Suffice to say there’s been a higher-than-usual number and magnitude of challenging issues and conflicts to work through. Important issues, an unavoidable part of life in a busy and growing medical ministry in Africa, but issues which have taken all of our energy to work through, leaving us weary and discouraged at times.

I noticed a few days ago that in my down time I was starting to have thoughts like “I wonder what we’re going to do after we complete our work here”, and “I wonder where we’ll live after Kijabe.” My gaze was starting to wander.

And then, I noticed something else: our recent uptick in challenging issues notwithstanding, I realized I haven’t lived in the same house or held the same job for longer than 3 years in the last two decades. Submarines. Medical residency and fellowship… Read On