Karis Koehn shares these updates about their work in Lamego, Mozambique:

While driving home from the city one late afternoon, Robert saw an elderly man resting by the side of the road. Thinking he recognized him, Robert pulled over to check on him and see if he were ok. Sure enough, he was a man who had been anxious for the arrival of the solar-powered mp3 players loaded with the Sena NT. A month earlier he had left his payment for the player with us so that the money wouldn’t get spent on anything else. He only said that he lived in the direction of the river and that he would check back with us later. We had now just received our order of players but had no way to contact him since we didn’t know where he lived. Robert gave him the good news that the audio New Testaments had arrived and also asked why he was lying down there beside the road.

The elderly gentleman had left his home in the bush early that morning to go to the local clinic. It must have taken him hours to get to the clinic, not because the distance was so far, but because he was moving so slowly. After being seen there, his plan was to come by our house to see about the Sena NT. But, in the process, he became very weak. He likely hadn’t eaten, his legs were swollen, and he just
sat down because he couldn’t go any further. In his hands Robert saw that he was carrying an old Bible in a different language. What an extraordinary man. He longed to hear the Word in his own language. What a privilege it was to get a player for the man and give him a ride out to his home before the sun set. We pass on thanks to those of you who helped us purchase the latest 100 Sena NT players. Many blessings await those who will buy them.

Earlier this month Chad Bruza (a member of one of our team’s families) visited Lamego for a week. Robert is currently building his family’s home. Chad was able to get a better picture of the spiritual and physical situation in Lamego. Pray for him and his family as they communicate with potential supporters that they would be encouraged as the Lord builds their support team.Also, continue to pray for Robert and his co-workers as they take the Bruza’s home to completion.

What a blessing for us to take our first long trip to South Africa in the new Ford Ranger double cab 4×4 the Lord provided for us through you as well. Thank you so much; the differences in the ride are quite notable…. Cling, clang, bang has changed to purrrrrrrr with power to climb hills even!

Our lives are about ready to change in many ways, good ways. The first of our team is arriving soon. Ashley Ashmore, a teacher trained in special education, arrives on Sunday. She will be teaching the team’s kids including helping us with Joseph and Caleb. We’re also excited about the possibilities of her working in the community. One week later Trey and Ashley Fuller along with their girls Hannah and Noelle will arrive and settle into house #1 that Robert constructed. Pray for them as they build new relationships, bond with their surrounding community and begin learning the Sena language and culture for a few months prior to going to South Africa for the birth of their third child.

Robert and I feel like the Lord is teaching us so much, learning to love more and being obedient to the things He is teaching us. We are being stretched and know that the stretching will continue as we lead this new team by His grace. As our team comes together, we are also trying to network with others from other missions working with the large Sena tribe so that we can become more strategic and effective with the task of reaching… evangelizing, discipling and mobilizing the Sena church to pass the Good Word on.

Finally, we are encouraged to hear that the Sena New Testament that we have in audio form will be published in written form in November. Visions and dreams of how to prepare the people for receiving and using the written Word are dancing in our heads. Pray that we see clearly God’s leading. Pray that His Spirit open the eyes of the Sena to see, understand, and live obediently to the Good News.