Karis Koehn shares news and seeks prayer for an upcoming visit to Malawi:

Over the years we’ve introduced you to the Mozambican guys that have grown up in our yard and have become our children in the faith. You may remember seeing pictures of Sergio with his severely bowed legs. As a reintroduction to Sergio, he lost both mom and dad to AIDS, and you may remember the story of several years ago when he stood firm under strong pressure from his family to participate in the witchdoctor ceremonies following the death of his mom. Sergio has grown in his faith over the years and is one who takes a stand for what is right even when it’s not popular or when culture says that a young man should just sit by quietly. He has been a loving brother to our boys and is so grateful to be part of the family of God. He turned 20 this year and is finishing 11th grade next month.

Since we returned from home assignment last year Sergio has shared how he experiences increasing pain in his knees and ankles due to his bowed legs. He dreamed that one day he could get his legs fixed. For about 10 months we have been searching for options as to what can be done. We looked for possibilities in Mozambique and didn’t find anything. In God’s goodness we ran across the name of CURE hospital in neighboring Malawi. It is a non-profit Christian hospital with an excellent reputation and which treats orthopedic problems. It doesn’t charge for children and uses the charges on adults to cover the cost of children. Sergio is no longer a child. We’ve been in contact with a surgeon at the hospital who has encouraged us to come for an evaluation of the situation. We were also put in contact with a missionary who is a physical therapist at the hospital who has graciously opened her home for us to stay while we are there.

This will be our first visit to Malawi. There are always those uneasy feelings of the unknown, mixed with hopeful expectation. We plan to leave early Sunday morning to arrive Sunday evening in Blantyre, Malawi. Sergio has an appointment on Monday, and we then hope to return home by Tuesday evening. Wednesday, the 15th, are Mozambique’s national elections so we don’t want to be on the road on Wednesday. For a little while now the violence has stopped as opposing parties have come to certain agreements. We do hope they hold to these agreements following the election results. Please pray for God’s will and plan for Sergio to be made known during this consultation. Please pray for safety on the journey and for the election process in this country. Daniel is also on his mid-term break this weekend, staying with his guardians and friends in Kenya. He’s having a good term.

Thanks for standing with us.
Robert and Karis Koehn, Daniel, Joseph and Caleb