Robert is back from the trip to Malawi. Last Monday the surgeon explained upon Sergio’s admission that if all went well, he would operate on both legs the following day, and that is what happened. The surgery seems to be the beginning of the whole correction process. The doctor makes daily adjustments to the position of the bones with the external fixators, and therapy has begun in earnest.

Sergio and Manuel are experiencing so many new things all at one time. It was good for Robert to spend a few days with them post-op, helping them walk through these new experiences.

Sergio was quite emotional for two days following his surgery. His biggest pain was that his own immediate family (for whom he cares much) had not made contact with him to hear about the surgery. As the missionary PT walked into the room and saw the emotion, Robert explained. She promptly took Sergio’s hand and said, “We are your family here. We are your real family (in Christ);” then she prayed for his recovery. Sergio is so grateful for all the love shown to him by others. The physical therapist and her husband who also hosted Robert at their home have gone out of their way to be available to our guys.

As you remember Sergio and Manoel, please pray for them. You can imagine the challenges with post-op pain, being far from home, possible boredom, and being unable to properly express yourself in English. Also pray for a good result on Sergio’s legs and a deepening of their relationships with Christ. A message from Sergio last night requested prayer as he had started to read a book he had picked out here to read during recovery about how to better share his faith. Manoel writes all his messages to us in English which is improving rapidly. Thank you.