6th Sunday of Easter

May 21, 2017
Friends and Neighbors,

This coming Sunday marks a very special day in the life of our community of faith. As we gather for worship at 8:30 and 10:30 am, we will participate and share, as we always do, in the morning liturgy (which means “work” of the people). A portion of our “work” will be devoted to our theme for this Stewardship season, “Many Hands, Many Hearts, One Community of Faith,” as we will be given the opportunity to share our financial pledges in support of the ministry of Jesus Christ through the work of this particular congregation for the 2017/18 Church Year beginning July 1. May we respond prayerfully, faithfully, joyfully, and generously.

For your information, extra pledge cards and envelopes will be provided in the pews of the sanctuary. All pledges are regarded as confidential information and known only to Trish Wescott, our Business Manager. Finally, we want to also remember this is an important time for all of us to review and re-commit the gifts of our time and talent for the benefit of the gospel.
As we contemplate the meaning of stewardship, may we continue to find the following perspective helpful, “It is more likely that those who worship God on Sunday, who read their Bibles, who engage in daily prayer and who offer a blessing when they gather for a meal, and who give of their money and time shall effectively meet the crises and challenges of life in our time than those Christians whose lives do not have this basic discipline.” (John Leith, From Generation to Generation: The Renewal of the Church According to Its Own Theology and Practice, Westminster/John Knox Press, © 1990, page 130)

Also this Sunday, May 21, we will celebrate the grace of Christian fellowship and re-creation during the annual Spring Picnic following the Sunday worship services. A selection of meats will be provided by officers of the church. Bring your favorite dish and dessert, along with a lounge chair, swimsuit, and towel. In addition to a water slide, there will be other venues and contests to enjoy following the “Picnic” in the Fellowship Hall. Attire for the day is informal.

In closing, the deadline for the Summer “Music Camp” is tomorrow. Registration helps planning and the organization of classes and musical options. Please call the church office at 843-525-0696 for additional information. The time draws near . . .

Peace and Grace,

+ Steve