September 5, 2017

Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

The office staff is closely monitoring the potential path of Hurricane Irma via the National Weather Service and heeding the public announcement made within the hour that the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Department will elevate to Operation Condition 4 tomorrow morning at 8:00 am. According to the SC Emergency Management Department, OPCON 4 means: “Possibility of an emergency or disaster situation that may require state coordination during emergency management operations.”

Please be advised that Beaufort County remains within the sphere of impact and influence of this Category 5 Hurricane. We are in the early stages of preparing the church campus for the pending storm and any call for evacuation. It is important that you begin to make preparations at home, know your evacuation route, and have in your possession any documents you might need to protect and keep safe. (i.e. Home Insurance Policy) As we move closer to Sunday and Monday, we will generate an announcement about worship services and programming for this weekend and next week.

In closing, may we continue to abide in the safety and refuge of the Lord. Amen.

Steve Keeler, Senior Pastor
Jack Miller, Associate Pastor