Ways to Serve Our Church Family

Greeters and Ushers

Members of the Greeter Ministry highlight the grace and warmth of our time together in worship. This ministry, empowered through the Holy Spirit, welcomes all into our community of faith as we receive neighbors who come searching for community and Christian sanctuary. Creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere is an expression of thanks to God for all he has done in our lives and a way to share that gratitude with others.

Teachers and Assistants

There are many opportunities to share your gifts as a teacher or assistant. Members of Sea Island teach faith formation classes for adults, youth, and children. Vacation Bible School also provides many opportunities for teaching with children in our congregation as many from the larger community.

Children & Youth Leaders and Chaperones

For those gifted with Children and Youth, there are plenty of opportunities to serve. MADD Children’s Bible Study and the Youth Group need fellowship leaders to provide mentoring and guidance. Our groups also plan many trips during the year where chaperones are needed.Vacation Bible School also provides many opportunities for to serve children in our congregation as well as many from the local community.

Kirk Night Kitchen Crew

It takes a dedicated and hard-working crew to prepare meals and clean up for Wednesday Kirk Night. Volunteers are need for cooking, bussing, and clean-up.

Church Recycling

Volunteers pick up the church’s recycling once every two weeks and take it to the St. Helena Transfer Station. Most volunteers pick up recycling twice a year. Consider volunteering on a regular schedule to help reduce the church’s “footprint” on earth.

Elders and Deacons

Elders and Deacons are representative offices held by church members who are nominated and approved by the congregation. Sea Island is guided by the Session of Elders, and each Elder is given oversight for an area of Sea Island’s mission and ministry. Our deacons together form the Diaconate, which provides care and support to members of the church, and assists with the coordination of church activities.

Church Committees

Much of the business of the church is planned, organized and handled through the efforts of our church’s committees. From worship to mission, faith formation to outreach, as well as facilities and stewardship, there are areas where your interests and experience can contribute and make a difference.

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Ways to Serve Our Church Family
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The Kirk Night Kitchen crew prepares meals for Wednesday Kirk Night.
Elders and Deacons help lead worship