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Speaking of God

November 4, 2018
God our creator, redeemer and sustainer, by your Holy Spirit, open our minds, that as the scriptures are read and your word is proclaimed, we may be led into your…

A Thin Place

February 18, 2018
One of the lessons we can take away from the morning readings is this: God does not act randomly but with careful deliberation and intention. The sign of a rainbow…
"Whether we point to the precipitous decline in membership in the mainline churches, to the deep and abiding division over our talk about God and our understanding the context of…

All Are Welcome

October 22, 2017
Early in our marriage, Kay and I visited a prominent, well-known historical congregation, of which we were not members. We made it a point to arrive early. We found a…

Can I Get a Moses

October 15, 2017
Last year, I had the honor of going to a local elementary school to read to some of the classes there. One of the books I selected was a fun…

We Press On

October 8, 2017
This time last week, we did not know the name of Stephen Paddock. Sunday night, Paddock fired an automatic weapon into a crowd of 22,000 people who were enjoying a…

Drawn Out of the Water

August 31, 2017
As the Bible shares a story about a three month old Hebrew boy drawn out of the water of the Nile, we continue to pray for our neighbors in the…

A Time to Heal

August 20, 2017
Ten days ago, Kay and I started a 1,500 mile trip visiting parishioners in the states of Mississippi and Alabama. Our good friends Jimmy and Bruce Crook send their love…

Face to Face

August 6, 2017
It had been a busy Saturday in November of 1975. Kay and I were living in military housing at the nearby Air Station and the majority of the day had…
From the Morning Psalter comes the following prayer, “Search me, O God; know my heart and know my thoughts.” (Psalm 139) In the searching of my heart, the Lord knows…
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