Reformation Tour of Scotland

11-Day Presbyterian Reformation Tour of Scotland

June 5-15, 2018
This trip begins with departure from Savannah, GA, landing in Glasgow, Scotland where we visit some of the notable sites of the city including the Old Govan Parish Church, one of the oldest places of Christian worship in Scotland and in use since the 6th century. Several significant stops will include the Isles of Iona and Mull, the Highlands, the city of St. Andrews, the well-known Dalwhinnie Distillery, and finally the grand city of Edinburgh where we will visit St. Giles Cathedral, the home of John Knox, Rosslyn Chapel, and the bustle of the Royal Mile. Hosted by Steve and Kay Keeler, the price for this trip is $4,995.00 and includes US and Intl departure taxes, fuel and gratuities.

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The Scotland Trip will include a visit to the famous Abbey on the Isle of Iona.
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Reformation Tour of Scotland