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Sunday Morning Spiritual Formation

5-Week Series on the Sacraments

September 16th – October 14

The Christian education committee has organized a 5-week study of the sacraments. In the Reformed tradition of the Presbyterian Church, we practice two sacraments: Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. In the following groups, leaders will explore the meaning and practice of the sacraments as they inform our faith and impact our lives.

Children: Kindergarten – 5th Grade

Marjorie Isley and Katie Nicka, Room 201
Nurturing our Children in the Faith

Middle School & Senior High Youth Program

Matt Foster, Room 204
What is Baptism and What is the Lord’s Supper?


Lillian Keeler, Room 208
Sacrament: The Visible Signs Proclaiming the Promise of the Gospel

Teaching in the church gives instruction in the scriptures, in theology, in the interpretation of human existence in the light of Christian faith, and in the duties and practices of Christian life. This instruction is on the human level essential for the life of the community of faith; it is also the primary obligation of the church. Furthermore, if it is not done by the church it will not be done by anyone else.
(John Leith, From Generation to Generation Westminster/John Knox Press, © 1990, pages 123-24)

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